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Am I eligible for First Cover?

Before applying for your complimentary cover we need to make sure you are eligible. Please make sure you read the following carefully and you meet all of our eligibility criteria below.

All drivers:
are over 17 and under 84 years of age. have not been convicted of any non-motoring offences, e.g. theft, dishonesty, fraud and drink/drug related offences, within the last 5 years. have never been refused insurance or had special terms imposed on previous insurance policies. have advised the DVLA of any notifiable illness or disability and they have agreed to the issue of a driving licence.
The policyholder:
has a fixed UK address.
The vehicle to be insured:
Has not been modified in any way, other than manufacturers optional extras Will be kept at your home address overnight for more than 50% of the time. You are or will be the owner and the registered keeper of the vehicle unless the vehicle is currently leased from a finance company Does not have more than 8 seats (including the drivers seat)
We will be unable to offer you First Cover if:
You are taking demonstration vehicles for a test drive. You are using the vehicle as a courtesy car. You are not a permanent resident in the UK. You are having your vehicle transported/exported abroad. You are insuring your smart vehicle through a fleet or a motor traders policy. You have the vehicle registered to a Limited Company. The vehicle has already been delivered. You are over 84 years of age. You are using the vehicle for driving instruction. You are using the vehicle for Chauffeur or Taxi usage.
Apply for First Cover Now

If you meet all of the criteria opposite you are a just a few minutes away from completing your First Cover now. Click on the 'Apply Now' button above, carefully select the Retailer you are purchasing your new vehicle from and follow the online instructions.

If you already have a policy with Insurance by smart, please contact our customer services team on 0345 040 2091, who will be happy to make the necessary amends to your existing policy with us.

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